Lancaster University Kazakh Society

The LANCASTER UNIVERSITY KAZAKHSTAN SOCIETY was established in 2009. Since that time the society has been successful in creating positive image of the RK in Lancaster, by introducing our Homeland’s traditions, mentality, morals and values to the cultural diversity in university. Each member of the society is a real patriot of Kazakhstan!

The society is for all Kazakhstani students and their friends in Lancaster and all over the UK! LUKS main strategy is increasing awareness of Kazakhstan; it’s traditions and culture. We also want to make sure, that none of Kazakh students will feel alone or experience any difficulties in Lancaster!!! Our main activities are celebrating national holydays, birthdays of the LUKS members. We also organize various events, trips to the famous sights and cities in the UK, so that student life will be a good memory for every Kazakh studying in this small but friendly city.

In 2010 LUKS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION was established in Kazakhstan so that people that graduated from our university are not lost in Kazakhstan and continued to keep in touch with each other.

You’re always welcome to Lancaster, as we are open for cooperation and partnerships!!!


Our team:

Miras Taskinbayev – President

Mariyam Mukhitova - Treasurer

Azamat Khairullin – General Cousel

Anuar Amangeldiev - Event and Creativity Manager

Zarina Marat – Social and Welfare Secretary

Dina Tuleuova - Social and Welfare Secretary

Timurlan Gaisin – Safety Officer


Bakyt Abisheva – First President of LUKS


Contacts us:










Slaidburn House, Lancaster University

Lancaster, United Kingdom, LA1 4YA